The Beginning… again

I decided to change this blog and instead write about my weight loss journey, and struggles. I am a lifetime, yo-yo dieter. I started gaining weight early in junior high school, and just kept gaining and gaining. By 17, I was 200 lbs. I decided to lose weight and started Atkins. 50 lbs melted off! And then, came back with a VENGEANCE. At 20 I was 232 lbs. I decided to join Weight Watchers and started counting points. I was so excited, and doing awesome, but for some reason just lost momentum (ironic since that is the name of the program I was following). At 21, I decided to try again and started to lose weight, but then got pregnant with my first daughter.

When my oldest daughter was 8 months, I started again.. I was counting points, and walking. I lost 35 lbs. I changed to the Prism program and lost another 22. I was doing amazing, and then came baby number 2! I gained all of the weight back with that pregnancy.

When Madison was 10 months old, I started the HcG diet. I lost 65 lbs in two months! I felt so amazing. And then in 2013 I got injured at work, and depressed. I had a couple surgeries and gained back all that 65 pounds AND MORE. So now, at almost 28 years old, I am the very heaviest I have ever been in my life. I’m part of a little weight loss group on Facebook, and on my first weigh in, I almost passed out! 264 lbs… I’m not sure how my little 5’2 body can carry that much weight, but I’m not happy, and it hurts.

Instead of following a “program”, this time I’m going to follow my body. I’m eating around 1600 calories a day. I track all of my food, and I’m making much healthier choices, but decided against eating foods that I hate, and also decided to still include food that I like. When I deprive myself, I binge. Period. So including a little something here and there and making sure I have it planned out in advance so it doesn’t get out of control is the best way to keep myself on track.

I walk during my lunch break at work everyday, and I’m going to start running again. I plan on doing a couple races this year, even though I probably won’t be great at it, at first, I know I’ll get better again. I love running, the stress release of it, and the extreme accomplished feeling of it. I’m going to start slow, and work my way up, mostly on machines at the gym to start. I’ll begin running on the road again once the weather clears up a little more.

I’ll be using this blog for some of my favorite recipes, exercise motivation, progress pics.. and anything just in general about what I’m doing and the journey to get my healthy back, and KEEP it back! I’ll be taking a starting picture and measurements soon.. Wish me luck!


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