Downsizing and Freeing My Spirit!

Trying to downsize enough to get into a tiny house is TOUGH! We have a long ways to go before we are actually ready to move into a tiny house, since we haven’t even finished getting the budget together. But, we are still working towards it anyways. By the time we are ready, we will have our beds (to put in the house) some clothes, and some kitchen stuff to cook and eat with.

That means we are getting rid of 1100 sq ft worth of stuff! We will be reusing some of our furniture. I plan on using the foam from the coach to make new cushions for our tiny house couch. Our table may be packed as a craft table for Ted’s pipe making, with a few modifications. We will cut it down, remove the legs, and make it fold able .

The biggest thing to downsize is the TOYS!!! My kids have entirely too many toys. Most of them, they don’t even play with anymore. They just end up all over the floor, while they get to the few toys they do play with. This is the perfect teachable moment, to show them that we can give to other children who don’t have toys like they do. Also, going through clothes to get rid of the ones they have grown out of.

We also have a garage full of stuff that we haven’t used in forever, so that will all go too, after we sort through to get the few specials things to us out of it. It feels like a daunting task, since just about everything around us is going to be gone. However, it feels so good! To just PURGE is pretty freeing. It’s like getting rid of this load that you’ve been carrying forever. We have moved a lot in the past 6 years, and there is stuff that has never gotten fully unpacked. That stuff can just go without looking through, because if we haven’t missed it in 6 years, chances are we won’t. I forgot what’s even in them. We still have a ton more days to purge, and so much to continue to sort through. We wanted to have a huge yard sale, but that will mean that all of this has to sit in our garage until Spring. There is plenty that we are giving away, and a couple things that are being sold. At this point, it seems like there is still so much work to be done!

Here are some pictures of our purging process!

downsizing downsizing 2


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